I blog information, news and recipes about gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, alcohol-free and vegan cooking. Right now I've been working on an exciting project where I avoid refined sugar and create recipes using a range of healthier alternatives.

Happy cooking!

ps. ask all guests if they have an allergy (because the recipes use some unusual combinations and they may not expect to find citrus and soya in the chocolate cake, for example).
pps.if you are cooking for someone with an allergy, please read my allergy page first.

London vegans - an easy way to get festive with friends!

Exciting news from London bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien ('The Daily Bread' for those not so great at French)…. It’s having a special set menu this Christmas – with vegan options!  <other restaurant chains take note!>
For £28 per person you can enjoy a seasonally-spiced cauliflower soup, vegan main and vegan xmas pud – for an extra £7pp that price includes various drinks as well. For all the non-vegans the choices include toasted broccoli and stilton tartine and that French classic, tartiflette. The offer is available between November 26 and December 23rd. Click here to find out more.

End of season soup

It’s a blustery autumn day and I’ve just taken down the tomatoes vines and chilli plants in the greenhouse. In fact, the best crop this year came from a tomato that seeded itself among the strawberries outside and spread its verdant tentacles across most of the vegetable patch. I picked most of the 100+ tomatoes it produced some time ago and left them to ripen in the greenhouse. Today I have rinsed them, chopped them (pictured above) and mixed them with a few other ends of veg to create a warming soup. The recipe is loosely based on my tomato and basil soup, but this version is deliberately somewhat vague – but that’s because it can be easily adapted to whatever you might have that needs using up. It freezes well too.

Weigh a mixture of Mediterranean vegetables (eg. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, courgette, chillis)
The same weight of vegetable stock
A handful of herbs (eg. Parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme)
Soya cream/oat cream (optional)
Salt and pepper

Wash and chop the vegetables, add the herbs and stock. Allow to simmer for at least half an hour until all the vegetables have become really soft. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes.
Rub everything through a sieve so you remove all the skins and seeds. Discard that part. You’ll have a smooth soup remaining - add salt and pepper to taste and stir in a couple of tbsp. of soya cream/oat cream if you like a creamy taste. Reheat to nearly boiling before you serve.

New ways with chickpeas and buckwheat

Shown here is the winner of an innovation award at the FreeFrom Food Awards:  Dell’Ugo’s Fresh Chickpea Fusili. It’s certainly a novel idea – gluten-free pasta made from chickpeas, water and, er… that’s it! So simple. This means it is much lower in carbs than wheat-based pasta (25% vs 70% - though the latter is for the pasta before it is cooked) and it doesn’t contain egg either. Because it is fresh, cooking time is only 4 minutes.
Interestingly, it doesn’t taste of chickpeas, but the pasta is slightly denser than usual and my trial version had a slightly spotted appearance after cooking. It’s pictured here in a fresh tomato sauce (made from some of the remaining tomatoes in the greenhouse, hence the sauce is a bit pip-tastic). It made a good meal and I can recommend it if you’re looking either for a lower-carb gluten-free option or one with higher fibre (fibre content is 6% vs 3% for wheat-based and 1.5% for corn/rice based). 

Also worth investigating is stevia (pronounced steve-ia) powder.  Stevia plants grow in South America and can now be bought over here as a garden annual. Stevia can be used as a natural sugar substitute; its sweetness derives from molecules called glycosides (sugar groups attached to a non-sugar molecule). This means that although the molecule tastes sweet, the body’s digestive processes doesn’t recognize the ‘sugar’ part and it remains undigested until the colon. There isn’t really an impact on blood glucose levels, so the number of calories is low (read more here). There’s been a flurry of interest in stevia lately, with top brands like Coca Cola and Heinz introducing products sweetened with this Andean leaf.
Stevia powders can taste bitter – this version by Sweetly Stevia doesn’t and it is also extracted in a really easy-to-understand way: the dried stevia leaves are steeped in water, then the sweet part is extracted and purified. It’s vegan certified and comes in an easy-to-sprinkle powder. It's possible to make Stevia version of favourites like lemon drizzle cake (See the recipe here).

Finally, if you’ve not yet come across Eat Natural’s Toasted Muesli with Buckwheat then it is totally recommended – and my kids love it too. It’s not as cheap as some mainstream breakfast cereals, but it is rammed full of nutrients thanks to the mixed seeds, buckwheat and sultanas – so no longer can people say that there would be more food value in the cardboard packaging…

Elderberry cordial

Elderberry cordial is packed full of vitamin C and makes the perfect comforting hot drink when you have a cold. But you’ll need to get picking – elderberries have ripened early this year, so find a bush away from roads or other pollution and get those scissors out (wear an anorak – the berries stain like you won’t believe!).

Makes approx. 1 litre

750g fresh elderberries, thickest stalks removed
500ml water
2 dessert apples
500g Demerara sugar
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Place the elderberries in a stockpot with the water and roughly chopped apple. Simmer for about half an hour until the berries and apple are well cooked. Strain everything through a jelly bag (or piece of clean woven cotton in a sieve) overnight.
Pour the strained juice into the cleaned stockpot and add the sugar, citric acid and cinnamon. Heat very gently until the sugar has completely dissolved. Allow the cordial to cool for about 10 minutes, then decant into a large, warmed sterilised bottle. Seal immediately.
The cordial will keep unopened for several months, but once opened, store in the fridge. Serve diluted with hot water to taste.

* incidentally, the colour of elderberry is an anthocyanin, one of nature's most common colouring molecules, which gives not only purple but also blues, reds and greens. It will act as a natural acid-base indicator... you can have lots of fun with the kids by setting up eg. 10 glasses with a drop of the juice in water. Add acids (lemon juice, vinegar etc) and alkalis (soap, milton, bicarbonate of soda) and watch the colours change! I never cease to find this fascinating.

Dairy-free, gluten-free toad in the hole

There's no need to miss out on toad in the hole if you can't have dairy or gluten – with my version of this British classic. Many sausages aren’t suitable, but there are a good selection about in supermarkets etc. that are either made without any kind of rusk, or specifically aimed at the gluten-free market like The Black Farmer and Debbie & Andrews (I like the pork and leek variety, but it's up to you!). Try serving your finished 'toads' with gluten-free gravy, mashed potatoes and plenty of steamed green vegetables.

Serves 4

600g gluten-free, dairy-free pork sausages
100g cornflour
200ml soya milk
2 eggs
2 tsp chopped fresh sage
pinch of fine salt
oil from the sausages or olive oil for greasing

Preheat the oven to 190C. Bake the sausages in a 25cm square baking dish until just cooked. Remove them from the oven and prick each one twice to release any liquid. Drain off any excess liquid, but leave a little of the grease to smear all across the bottom and sides of the baking dish (if there isn’t any fat from the sausages use a tbsp of olive oil instead).
Whisk together the cornflour, soya milk, eggs, sage and seasoning. Pour into a jug and place near the oven because speed is of the essence for the next part.
Turn the oven up to 200C and pop the dish back in the oven for 10 minutes until really nice and hot. Remove the hot baking dish from the oven. Quickly and carefully (because the hot fat may spit) pour the batter over the sausages. Immediately put the dish back in the oven.
Bake for 30 minutes until the batter has swelled up and become nicely browned. Serve immediately.

Book review: Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano, MD

Gluten Freedom is a fascinating analysis of gluten-related disorders by Alessio Fasano, Founder and Director of the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. It’s packed full of facts – here are some of them

For most of human evolution, we didn’t eat gluten. However, about 10,000 years ago, humans started to use agriculture instead of just hunting and gathering. Wheat was a fantastic food source that was easy to farm and to store – and our modern diet began.

Wheat is way more complex than we are. Forget any sense of superiority you may feel over plant life… the human genome has about 20,000 genes. Wheat, on the other hand, has about five times that number.

Our bodies see gluten as an invader and launch an immune attack against it. This is true for everyone. Proteins are made of chains of molecules called amino acids, strung together a bit like a pearl necklace. When they are consumed, the body’s digestive system breaks the ‘necklace’ into chunks called peptides, ready for use elsewhere in the body. All the proteins we eat can be broken down completely within about an hour – except gluten. Dr Fasano’s research indicates that these undigested gluten peptides then cause an immune response in everyone. Does this mean we shouldn’t eat gluten? Some people think so, but let’s not forget that our immune systems are under attack all the time and for most people gluten doesn’t cause a problem. But it’s perhaps not so surprising that some people can’t tolerate it.

In 1994 the US barely recognised coeliac disease. An 800-page report published in that year by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases didn’t even mention it. Coeliac disease was first discovered in the Europe at the end of the 1800s. Dr Fasano had worked in Europe and was used to treating cases of the disease. He went to the US in 1993 and was amazed when he barely saw a single person with it. What was special about the US? As it turns out, nothing – Dr Fasano’s analysis of a selection of blood samples showed that in fact there were at least one in 250 people with signs of the disease. Now that proportion has been increased to up to one in 133 people.

Coeliac disease is a problem worldwide. Wheat forms the basis of staple foodstuffs in much of the world and this creates the same gluten-related problems for susceptible people no matter where they are. For years it was assumed the Chinese didn’t suffer from coeliac disease. It turns out this was probably just because the traditional diet was based on rice. As the Chinese have started to eat more wheat-based foods, so the incidence of coeliac disease has increased.

As well as coeliac disease, there is also wheat allergy and gluten intolerance. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease that is lifelong and there is currently no cure (though for most sufferers, avoiding gluten will give a complete cessation of symptoms). Wheat allergy is sometimes outgrown. Gluten intolerance is less understood, but there are definitely people who sufferer digestive upset after eating wheat who are neither allergic nor coeliac.

Coeliac disease doesn’t just affect the gut. While sufferers of coeliac disease typically have damage to the small intestine if they eat gluten, Dr Fasano’s research suggests that the brain and nervous system can also be affected. This can include headaches, depression, tingling of the fingertips and a foggy mind.

The gluten-free market has mushroomed in recent years. Retail sales in the US stood at $4.2bn in 2012 and are estimated to exceed $6.6bn in 2017.

It’s possible that treatment for coeliac disease will become a reality in the not-too-distant future. Coeliac disease can occur at any age, but there may be a way to prevent it starting. We already know that even if there is a genetic predisposition to coeliac disease, this doesn’t necessarily mean the person will get it (as studies on identical twins show). Other studies are looking at drug treatments.

Barley and rye don’t contain gluten. Instead they contain two closely-related proteins called secalin and hordein. These proteins contain peptides that can trigger a gluten-related reaction in people who are sensitive, so for the sake of ease, barley and rye are classed as containing gluten.

Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano MD is published by Wiley, ISBN 9781118423103

Round-up of the Allergy & Free From Show

There's a buzzy mood down at Olympia in London at the moment - it's the weekend not only of the Allergy & Free from Show, but also its sister shows V Delicious, Love Natural Love Organic and the Back Pain Show. The show is open until July 6.

As always, people are super friendly, eager to chat and passionate about their products. Among them were Tomas Mesa and David Ventura (pictured above) from Free'd - they'd put careers in finance to one side to start up a gluten-free artisanal cracker business with a variety of flavours include chia and sesame (vegan) and cheddar and pumpkin seeds. Definitely one to watch.

Also selling crackers was the Lawless Family Bakery and its Foods of Athenry range of delicious biscuits, GF scones, cookies and - my favourite- Gourmet Sodabread Toasts (gluten-free though made with buttermilk). The multiseed variety went straight into my shopping bag.

I was particularly excited by Garbo's GF, vegan sourdough breads - especially a frozen one that comes part baked and all you need to do is oven bake it in the bag (a particularly genius idea because it means you don't get cross-contamination from eg. a restaurant's oven) so you get a warm and freshly-baked loaf. They're looking for UK distributors - let's hope they find one soon: see more here (there's an English section, see the LH side of the page)

On the breakfast front there were several new arrivals, including Big Oz, which has just launched a cereal variety pack (woo-hoo!), while Alara offers GF muesli, porridge and granola made with GF oats in a variety of flavours, free from added sugar and salt; while Rebelicious Foods from Ireland offers a whole range of flakes and granolas from a GF facility.

For kids, Natama is a French range that offers a range of GF frozen products for children or adults (25 for toddlers), free of a whole host of allergens. Check it out online for more details.

If you're a pie person, there was something for you in the form of Clive's Pies (dairy free, gluten free with vegetarian options), while GF sausages sizzled at debbie&andrew's. For cheese lovers who can no longer eat cheese, Vegusto was there with tasters of its comprehensive and award-winning range of vegan 'cheeses' - the mild aromatic was my favourite.

Finally, I have to say hi to Leslie, Paul and Nigel (below) from Fun Foods 4 All. On their stand they were also selling a range of authentically Italian free-from pasta and sauces (including dairy-free pesto) and a selection of snack bars under the Frank brand. That's my supper tonight sorted!

My World Cup line up

Sometimes timing is just serendipitous. As it happened, a collision of events led to a very enjoyable, if not especially scientific, evening. These were: the World Cup, a collection of entirely random one-off bottles and cans of lager left over from various parties; and some gluten-free lagers that I wanted to try.

I decided to get some friends over and blind-taste the two award-winning gluten-free lagers – not to find out if they were nice (which they were) or which one we preferred, but instead to find out which standard lager they most resembled!

Leading Group A was CELIA - it's made from malted barley, water and hops, but it contains less than 0.5 mg/100 ml (< 5 ppm) of gluten. Leading Group B was Estrella's Daura Damm, based on malted barley and rice, also with very low gluten content, in this case < 3 ppm.
Their opponents were (and this just illustrates the randomness of my left-over lagers): San Miguel, San Miguel Fresca, Becks Blue alcohol-free lager, Carlsberg Export, Budweiser and Stella Artois.

It was a tough match! Though one of my friends did say he thought the CELIA was "potentially the nicest one among them" and indeed we all thought both the CELIA and the Daura held their own extremely well among such an illustrious crowd. In the end (and it was a surprisingly difficult task), we though CELIA tasted most like.... Stella! And Damm tasted most like... San Miguel Fresca!

Meanwhile, it was Brazil 0, Mexico 0. Well, you can't win them all...

New product round up

There have been a host of new arrivals over the past few weeks, whether you want something new for your cup or plate...
Mirabilia has just launched a range of Organic Olive Leaf Teas, which give a relaxing, crystal-clear caffeine-free cuppa the colour of a summer sunrise. Taste-wise these are calm and unacidic. Olive leaf tea was made in Italy for hundreds of years, prized for its health-enhancing qualities. Mirabilia is reviving this tradition. Within hours of being picked, the leaves are slowly and carefully dried in a special oven to ensure that the very high level of anti-oxidants and oleuropein is maintained. In making the tea Mirabilia is regenerating an historic agricultural zone rich in bio-diversity and also preventing the advance of mechanised open-cast mining in an area of outstanding natural beauty. “We are providing a viable alternative to the community and are proud to be safeguarding the artisan traditions of rural Abruzzo,” says the company. The teas are available at Planet Organic, Booths, Whittards and Whole Foods, among others.
Also new is Omega 6 Dairy free Flax Drink, a newcomer to the ‘milk alternative’ scene. It’s made from flax seeds (or linseeds as you may know them) and has a pleasant neutral taste, not dissimilar to soya milk. It features high levels of omega 3, protein, calcium and vitamins K and D, but has only 34 cals per 100ml, way lower than soya milk! 3Ω6 uses only natural plant-based ingredients and is endorsed by the Vegetarian Society. It's sold in 1 litre packs -- sweetened Original and Unsweetened - and retails for £1.89 3Ω6 is available nationally through Wholefoods, Planet Organic Revital and other independent health food stores.  
Meanwhile, Mr Organic has just launched a range of vegan high-protein pasta sauces, including two gluten-free ones: with soya and with tofu. Veg Amore Tofu sauce mixes tomatoes with sweet red peppers and it works well as an Asian dish ingredient, as well as an Italian one. Meanwhile, the Veg Amore Soya sauce mixes sun-ripened tomatoes with cracked black pepper and a bouquet of seasonal herbs to make this exceptional sauce.  Like the rest of the range, it is perfect with pasta. The sauces are made right next to where the tomatoes are grown, and the company says that long, deep relationships with their farmers, pre-financing the crop yields, full traceability and trading fairly on costs means that Mr Organic is one of the most sustainable food companies in the UK.  You can find Mr Organic sauces in Ocado, Able&Cole, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and Budgens.

Footloose and gluten-free in London - to mark Coeliac Awareness Week

Monday May 12 kick's off Coeliac UK's Coeliac Awareness Week - if you fancy something gluten-free in London, hand-crafted Czech gluten-free lager brand CELIA has arranged several events - just click on the links for more details:

Chef Swap | Mon 12th May 2014 | 7 - 11pm @ The Truscott Arms
The team behind CELIA-inspired eatery Vozars, the first café, deli and restaurant in London to be fully wheat and gluten free, will be leaving their home in Brixton Village to take over the kitchen at The Truscott Arms, a gastro pub in Maida Vale, to show off their inspired gluten-free recipes.

CLIVE & CELIA: A Marriage of PIE & BEER | Tues 13th May 2014 | 6 - 10pm @ Vozars
For one night only the team from Clive’s Pies, organic bakers of delicious free-from foods, are teaming up with lager aficionados CELIA for a pop-up foodie evening of pie-based appreciation.

Diary Days | May 18th - Aug 17th 2014 | 6.30 - 8.30 pm @ Vozars
Everyone has gone through a Bridget Jones phase. This evening of diary confessionals will see people reading fun, albeit cringe-worthy, excerpts from their old diaries in CELIA’s fun, Brixton village based restaurant Vozars (3rd Sunday of every month). Read more about the event here.

Tweet tweet, now on Twitter

I have finally ticked off 'Join Twitter' on the to-do list I have been mentally chastising myself with for months... so if you'd like to follow my updates, retweets and general musings you can do so at @WideCircle1 on

The Great Dairy-free 'Milk' Taste Test

The kind people at Rude Health sent me a whole box of dairy-free 'milks' as part of the relaunch of their Oat Drink (from June it will be gluten-free), which is pretty exciting. It was a great opportunity to do a tasting – after all how often do you get the chance to try a whole collection of these milk alternatives in one go?
So I got some friends round, we put our best wine tasting skills to a slightly unusual use and started to sip, swirl and generally mull over tastes and aftertastes. As well as an almond drink, oat drink and rice drink we added Alpro unsweetened soya milk, Koko's coconut dairy-free alternative and some real milk.
What I learnt is that they are wildly different - much more different than I was expecting, in fact.

As a rough guide, this is what we found:

- Almond drink: Naturally sweet with an almost floral taste - tasted sweeter than real milk.
- Rice drink: Another naturally sweet drink, but this time with quite a neutral taste. Probably my least favourite in terms of drinking it purely by itself.
- Soya milk: Really quite an earthy flavour that did make you think a bit of beans. Slightly bitter with no obvious sweetness.
- Oat drink: Among my favourites, though this wasn't shared by everyone. There was a smooth initial flavour that was probably the most similar to actual dairy milk of all the types we tried, though there was also a slightly bitter aftertaste.
- Koko dairy free: Slightly sweet with a trace of coconut flavour and a creaminess that lingered.
- Real milk: The semi-skimmed I tried seemed overly creamy after all that lot and to be honest wasn't even the nicest of all the drinks available.

The moral of the story is, if you've decided to go dairy-free and think you'll miss your milk, I urge you to try one of the options above instead as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised (especially if you're not a soya fan)! Now all we need to do is try to make cheese out of them...

Gluten-free made easy

A quick post from me to tell you about a terrific site for anyone hunting for gluten-free foods, recipe books or places to, written by Kim who is a coeliac. Kim spends a lot of time testing recipe books, reviewing other websites, and tasting gluten-free foods to create a truly informative resource.
Kim has a series of interviews of key names in the world of gluten-free, such as Phil Vickery, Pippa Kendrick (author of blogsite and book The Intolerant Gourmet) and... me. Click here to read more!

The FreeFrom Award winners are announced!

Tuesday was the day of the FreeFrom Food Awards, and I was there at the event near Regent's Park for a great evening among many likeminded people. Overall winner was Focaccia Per Tutti's Focaccia Mediterranea and there was also a special award for services to gluten-free beer, given to Green’s who make a superb IPA, among others
After the winners (pictured above) were announced, there was a tasting buffet so we could find out exactly what the fuss was about. Everything was delicious, but if I had to choose my five favourites they would be (in no particular order):
1. Amy’s Kitchen Broccoli and Cheddar bake
2. SaVse Smoothies super blue
3. Ilumi Kerala chicken curry
4. Georgia's Choice Gluten Free chicken bites
5. Waitrose Gluten free egg and watercress/ chicken salad roll

There were nearly 300 people present and it was just brilliant to see how many different companies are working hard to bring products to this sector. Many companies are still small, led  by one or two passionate people and while this is undoubtedly fantastic, what we now need is better availability in our supermarkets and high street stores! For the time being, many items can be bought online - click on the links below to find out more.

1. NEW!  Breakfast foods - Sponsored by Tesco
Bfree plain bagels
‘Brilliant that they are gluten, dairy and egg free – and are soft and have a great flavour, especially toasted!’ ‘ Good flavour, nice texture and low sugar – a winner!’ 
COYO Coconut milk yoghurt vanilla flavor
‘Wow! Great selection of ingredients, low sugar – lovely – really good... Wonderfully creamy, tastes of coconut but not too much and not too sweet.’ 
Primal Joy Foods Cinnamon nut crunch - no grains breakfast ‘cereal’
‘Excellent selection of nutritious ingredients makes for a tasty cereal – so great that it is free from so many allergens  and all grains! Very expensive but delicious – would happily eat as a snack.’ 
Highly Commended:
Bessant & Drury Alphonso mango & passionfruit coconut yogurt
Tastes just yummy although Alphonso overpowers the coconut.’ ‘Really creamy but too sweet – although children would love it.’  
Bessant & Drury Morello cherry & Madagascan vanilla coconut yogurt
Silky smooth yogurt, delicious fruit compote but slightly too sweet.’’ Love this –  a tad sweet but a great alternative to dairy.’ 
Bfree multiseed bagels
‘Good soft texture and nice seedy taste.’ ‘Impressive that they are also free of egg and dairy.’ ‘Look good.’
Perkier Apple, cinnamon & raisin porridge
‘Nice concept – really like the cinnamon.’ ‘Great flavour, great ingredients and good texture but very thick – more liquid maybe? And how about adding some vitamins?’  
Tobia Teff Teff meal / Teff flakes
‘Great that it is free of so many allergens. Unusual but interesting texture and taste – rather pleasant natural sweetness and subtle nutty aftertaste but packaging needs more direction.’  
Udi’s Cranberry walnut granola
‘Looks great and tastes delicious, if sweet.’ ‘Nice chewy texture and good cranberry flavour although would like more walnuts.’ ‘Like the use of honey rather than sugar.’
Hale & Hearty Quinoa & chocolate granola
Good to have chocolate flavour without any milk. Crunchy texture and sweet, pleasant taste.’ ‘Smells nice and chocolatey but high in sugar.’ 
Lucy Bee Organic raw virgin fair trade extra virgin coconut oil
‘Lovely creamy, coconut flavour – thick and not at all greasy.’
Nature’s Path Nice & Nobbly organic granolas (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry & yoghurt pieces)
Yummy – tastes very sweet but more-ish. Generous clusters and lots of fruit.’ ‘Shame it includes milk – why?....’
Of The Earth Dear Me breakfast without cereals, chia & hemp with goji berries & cranberries
‘Amazing range of ingredients and interesting and unusual texture.’ ‘Not appealing visually but tastes good although expensive.’ ‘Good but very niche product.’ 
St Helen’s Farm Natural goats milk yoghurt
‘Naturally sour and creamy – very nice.’ ‘Excellent consistency and just the right touch of goatiness.’
2. Breads – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free

Focaccia Per Tutti Focaccia Mediterranea
‘Stunning looking – amazing and generous!’  ‘Excellent aroma, good crust and lovely classic Mediterranean flavours – olives, garlic, tomatoes, rosemary.’ ‘Fantastic that it is free of all allergens except nuts.’ ‘Really filling a gap in the market – love it! Want more!’
Tesco Free From fresh seeded bread
Really excellent texture and flavour – I would be happy to eat this every day fresh or toasted.’ ‘Great aroma, nice and nutty, moist, good crust – and it is dairy as well as gluten free!’ 
Highly Commended: Bfree  multigrain wrap
Good texture rolls up without breaking. Indistinguishable from non GF wrap in looks, flavour and mouthfeel – though doesn’t look ‘multigrain’. Wouldn’t know this was GF unless you saw the label. Great that free of all major allergens.’
Newburn Bakehouse Spiced fruit loaf
Looks really appealing with good distribution of fruit  and smells of mulled wine.’ ‘Lovely sweet spicy aroma, good texture, good size slice, not too sweet but definitely better toasted.’
Tobia Teff Teff bread
Looks very wholesome and home made.’ ‘Quite dense and heavy but very interesting flavour.’ ‘Excellent nutritional profile and wonderfully allergen free.’
Bfree brown seeded rolls
‘Good that it is free of all major allergens and with a good texture and crunch of seeds.’ ‘Does not look at all gluten-free but a little cakey and smells slightly treacley.’
3. Store cupboard – sponsored by Asda

Ugg Foods Chia seed and nut bread mix
‘Wow! Totally grain, dairy and egg free – but tastes delicious!’ ‘Slightly cakey and eggy but lovely flavour and lovely crunch.’ ‘ Looks fab!’ 
Vegusto ‘Cheese’ sauce
‘I really thought this was cheese...’ ‘Authentic, rich, creamy and super strong cheese flavour – so good to have a really decent, dairy free ‘cheese’ sauce!’ ‘Slightly grey in colour but what a useful product!’ 
Highly Commended:
Conscious Food Palmyra jaggery powder
‘Spicy, rich sugar flavour. Would be fantastic with hot chocolate and mocha.’ ‘Delicious – molasses taste and texture.’ ‘Would be amazing on porridge!’
Lucy Bee Organic raw virgin fair trade extra virgin coconut oil
‘Lovely creamy coconut butter.’ ‘Smooth, subtle and creamy – no overpowering flavours.’
Quinola Express quinoa - pearl and black
‘Deliciously nutty taste – like the combination of quinoas.’ ‘Sweet and fragrant, nice mouthfeel with slight crunch – great for bulgar type salads. 
Truly Simple Foods Sundried tomatoes and sweet chilli cooking sauce
‘Taste strong, robust and hot – but pleasant.’ ‘Great spicing – rich colour.’ 
Ugg Foods Chia muffin mix
‘Fresh lemony smell. Moist, crunchy, smooth, light texture – lovely lemon flavour. Yummy.’
Hale & Hearty Chocolate chip cookie mix
‘Soft chewy cookies with nice oaty taste.’ ‘Aroma really chocolatey – delicious.’ 
Helen’s Quick seeded bread mix
‘Really interesting flavour and texture – lovely seeds and nice and moist.’  ‘Very pretty with the green pumpkin seeds.’ ‘Pleasantly nutty – good texture.’
Truly Simple Foods Coconut curry and spinach cooking sauce
‘Warm authentic smell, lovely taste, creamy and smooth.’   
Ugg Foods Coconut muffin mix
‘Excellent texture, moist and lovely coconut flavour. Very impressive.’ 
Ugg Foods Fruit and seed loaf
‘Looks great – really wholesome. Smells and tastes delicious too.’ ‘Lovely juicy fruit – authentic fruit loaf.’  
4. Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by the Food and Drink Innovation Network 

Amy’s Kitchen Broccoli and Cheddar bake
Brilliant product – really useful and appealing – lovely breadcrumbs on top – yummy!’ ‘Good cheese flavour, pasta al dente, nicely crunchy broccoli – looks delicious and lives up to its looks!’ 
Highly Commended:
Dell’Ugo Gluten free fresh penne pasta
‘Very good fresh penne – simple and al dente. Just what you want from a pasta.’ ‘Brilliant – yummy. Indistinguishable from normal pasta.’
Elena’s Gluten Free Way DialSì gluten free pasta tagliatelle
‘Brilliant – nice texture nice – firm and fine chewy. Great ingredients – all two of them!’ ‘Excellent texture just like real pasta – light, fluffy, wholesome and non clumpy.’   
Elena’s Gluten Free Way DialSì gluten free pasta caserecce
Nice to see an unusual shape.’ ‘Nice bite, useful shape, great, simple ingredients.’ ‘Lovely pasta.’
The Lab Pizza Genovese
Excellent topping and base. Flavours delicious and really tangy on the tongue.’ ‘Tasty, tasty, tasty – but shame they used de-glutenised wheat starch.’
Rizopia Organic brown rice pasta spaghetti
Slightly savoury rice flavour but very wholesome.  Keeps its shape well and nicely al dente.’ ‘Excellent freefrom product in terms of ingredients.’
Venice Bakery Large plain gluten free & vegan pizza base
‘Interesting texture – brilliantly clean ingredients deck.’ ‘Excellent texture, nicely crisp, slightly sweet but great ingredients.’ 
Hale & Hearty Brown rice penne
‘Great texture and shape – hold together well.’ ‘Tasty and nicely freefrom.’
 Hale & Hearty Corn & quinoa penne
‘Interesting combination – cornflour and quinoa flavoursome, unusual and al dente.’ ‘Good bite, nice flavour – and great to have quinoa in there.’
5. Raw Foods and superfoods – Sponsored by Food Heaven

SaVse Smoothies super blue
Good colour, lovely deep flavour – earthy, beetrooty – yet zing-ily delicious.’ ‘Gorgeous aroma and great combination of flavours.’ ‘Well it’s not blue, but the colour is amazing. Really tasty & reviving.’           
Highly Commended:
Lucy Bee Organic raw virgin fair trade extra virgin coconut oil
Smooth, not too sweet, melts nicely in the mouth.’ ‘Yummy  – lovely, light, creamy coconut flavour.’ ‘Great  alternative for someone who avoids dairy.’ 
Ombar Coco mylk
‘Excellent no-milk chocolate – lovely, rich and creamy. Children would love this.’ ‘Great ingredients.’ 
Creative Nature Organic raw maca powder
Love the creamy mild & carob-like flavour.’ ‘Really good ingredients – excellent as a healthy additive.’  
Love Smoothies The hulk smoothie
Lovely product – impressive  fresh and energising taste, if expensive.’ ‘Really good idea for an instant smoothie; great for busy people on the go. Maybe add some superfood powders?’
6. NEW! ‘Food to go’ and food for vending machines – Sponsored by 24Vend 
Waitrose Gluten free egg watercress and chicken salad roll
‘Delicious moist rolls (so many gf rolls are dry). Generous, nutritious and tasty filling – what a pity it isn’t dairy free as well. Excellent on-the-go food.’ ‘A delicious vegetarian sandwich (egg and cress) – really satisfies the need of people  looking for gluten free and vegetarian lunch options. And they  look great. Love all that cress.’  ‘Generous portion and a well balanced mix of salad, mayonnaise and chicken.’     
Highly Commended:
Great Food Spinach & pinenut with houmous – snack pack
‘Excellent combination. Tasty falafel – really impressive as they are free from so many allergens. Great packaging for a food to go.’ ‘Well balanced – hearty and healthy – love the handy pack.’ 
Hotch Potch Eggs Arancini
‘Innovative product – love the crispy outer layer.’ ‘Really delicious – brilliant for a party! Especially as they can be eaten cold.’ ‘Quite substantial  – really nice product.’ 
Clearspring Organic brown rice crackers with black sesame
‘Look great – good crunch – excellent texture. Lovely ingredients.’ ‘Innovative product – good to see a gluten and dairy free version of a Japanese snack.’
Creative Nature Heavenly cacao superfood bar
‘Tasty though quite sweet and heavily datey. Shame they did not use gluten free oats –  but a good  filling snack.’ ‘Nicely chewy.’  
Creative Nature Blissful berry superfood bar
‘Rich flavours (almost like Xmas pudding) – a very filling snack.’ ‘Nice balance of dried fruity sweetness with mellow oat taste texture but shame the oats are not gluten free. 
Freeli Wowbutter brownie
‘Melts in your mouth – lovely tasting & not overly sweet. Be nice if it could have been soya free though.’ ‘Well thought out product at an accessible price.’
The FreeFrom Bakehouse Chocolate ‘digestive’ biscuits
‘Appealing homemade look although ‘digestive’ slightly misleading. Quite chewy but great ingredients – original and wholesome.’ ‘Good that dairy and gluten free – not many bsicuits are.’
LoveRaw  Organic bar – cacao & maca
‘Crunchy, good texture, flavoursome – can really taste the nuts. Impressive it is free from so many allergens and low sugar –  but expensive.’ 
Udi’s Bagel chips
‘Really crunchy  and tasty –  a useful snack for nut allergy suffers in particular.’ ‘Surprisingly tasty – lovely bagel tones and nicely crunchy but needs a dip.’ ‘Good touch of cinnamon but very sweet.’  
7. Foods designed for food service – Sponsored by Genon Laboratories 
The Indian Coeliac Gluten free authentic Panjabi pakoras
A brilliant, useful product – and how wonderful…. A freefrom pakora!!’ ‘Excellent balance of flavours – really authentic.’ ‘Delicious aroma, great balance of spices – and great freefrom credentials!!’
We Love Cake Gluten free cherry Bakewell tarts
‘Perfect replica of non-gf version!’ ‘Really good pastry, great almond taste – and dairy and gluten/wheat free! What a treat!’ ‘Very sweet but so are the non-freefrom originals.’ ‘Not the healthiest but good to see such a good freefrom replica of a much loved product.’
Highly Commended:
Delicious Alchemy Mini ginger loaf
Nice size and shape – has real coffee shop feel.’ ‘Very spicy, good ginger kick, lovely moist, sticky cake and great freefrom ingredients – although expensive.’ 
Hotch Potch Eggs Tiddlee pies & tarts
Pastry was fantastic. Perfect canapes for gluten free guests.’ ‘Tasty – good selection of interesting fillings – shame they could not be free of more than gluten.’ ‘Really like these - good, short, buttery pastry and great variety of tasty fillings – although why put pork in so many of them?’                            
Pan’Artisan 10” gluten free pizza base, Italian spiced
Great genuinely free-from pizza base – crisp and chewy.’ ‘Nice texture and feel, and crisps up well, although quite sweet.’
Delicious Alchemy Wheat & gluten free sultana scones
‘Really fills a gap in the market – especially as they look totally authentic.’ ‘Nice light texture but slightly bicarb’y – as are so many non g-f scones.’ ‘Exciting product – just a shame they are not more than gluten free.’
Newburn Bakehouse  White wraps
‘Fits well into current trend for wraps – sweet, soft and flexible – and does not leave dry taste in the mouth as many do.’ ‘Quite thick but holds together well – pity it is only gluten free.’
8. Ready Meals
Meat-based meals – Sponsored by Sainsbury's 
Ilumi Lamb Rogan Josh 
‘Excellent convenience freefrom food – free of all major allergens and packed in that portable long life pouch. A boon for multi-allergics.’ ‘Pleasant levels of spicing, meat tender, nice aroma.’ ‘Good value, mild curry flavour but totally additive free.’ 
Highly Commended:
The Black Farmer Chipolatas
Lovely flavour and texture, nice balance and meat content. Moist and great peppery note.’ ‘Well seasoned. A little salty but enjoyed the meaty flavour.’ 
Voakes Free From steak pie
‘Looks great in pie terms!’ ‘Pastry nice and crisp and filling tasty  and meaty.’ ‘Good flavour for a g-f pie – would work really well in a pub.’
Foodamentalists Fidget pie
‘Looks brilliant – really hand made.’ ‘Love the idea and shape of this pie: good pastry with nice rustic filling.’ ‘Excellent that it is so freefrom (gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and corn). Pastry cuts well but the texture does not quite work and there is not really enough filling.’ 
Tesco Gluten free breaded Pollock
Nice open texture fish – and the crumb is flavoursome and crisp.’ ‘Look great – crispy and golden – and good fish. And MSC (Marine Stewardship Council eg sustainable).Fab!’ 
The Black Farmer Premium pork sausages
Good quality, very meaty, nicely spiced and herbed but a little salty.’ ‘Juicy, tasty, meaty, peppery without being overpowering.’
Tom Hixson & Co Pork & herb sausages
If you like sausages, these tick all the boxes.’ ‘Good texture, pleasant flavor, good skin.’
Meat-free meals: Sponsored by Goodness Direct 
Georgia’s Choice Gluten Free Mexican bean bake
‘Nice crisp exterior and sweet soft inside, nice and mealy – maybe a little more salt?’ ‘Great colour and texture – lots of beans and veg and splendidly free from all the major allergens – wheat/gluten, dairy, egg and soya – excellent.’  
Highly Commended:
Amy’s Kitchen Thai red curry
Wonderful smell. Low calorie and nice mix of vegetables which are still  al dente.’  ‘Tastes really good and great that it is gluten and dairy free.’
‘Good naturally freefrom product.’ 
Mash Direct Potato, cheese & onion croquettes
Wow great product!  I love these – GF junk food  – yum – addictive.’  ‘Excellent for kids.’ ‘ Tastes just as a croquette should – cheesey and  oniony.’ 
FEEL FREE  Vegetarian Party Pack
‘Great idea – very innovative – and fantastic that it is free of so many allergens.’ ’Really excellent idea but products need a bit more work. Nice aroma but over spiced for party canapés. Bhajee texture good but others slightly too oily.’
9. Foods manufactured in a nut-free environment – Sponsored by Anaphylaxis Campaign

Ilumi Kerala chicken curry
‘So great to have a guaranteed nut-free curry which is also free of all the other top allergens – and tastes good – and at a good price!’ ‘Lovely strong taste, nut-free microwaveable curry ready meal – a great addition to nut free food choices.’  ‘Lovely rounded flavour, nice heat, sweet but not too sweet. Excellent.’
Highly Commended:
Big Oz Organic chocolate buckwheat flakes with raspberries
‘A grown-up nice tasting cereal – really excellent balance, zingy fruit and not too sweet flakes. Could do with a few more raspberries but a great product.’ ‘Very hard to find nut-free cereal (especially with chocolate). On the minus side it has a load of sugar –  but we need more nut-free cereals so this is a great, much needed product. Also gluten, dairy and soya free – a big bonus!’ 
Just Love Food Co Angry Birds celebration cake
‘Great looking cake and how wonderful to be able to buy a truly nut-free celebration cake! If only it could also be dairy and/or gluten and egg free too…’ ‘Very sweet but perfectly nice cake – and what a treat for a nut-free child!’
10. Foods designed for children – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy
Georgia's Choice Gluten Free chicken bites
‘Like it very much – just like normal nuggets but with better chicken.’  ‘Nice and crispy – good texture – great chicken.’ ‘Great – my non gluten-free friends would eat them and never know. The chicken is really tender.’ ‘Yum – even more yum with the chilli sauce!’
Highly Commended:
Fun Foods4All Bob the Builder organic free from pasta
‘Shapes are fabulous I would eat it again and give to my friends and family.’ ‘I like the texture and shape and it tastes very nice so I would eat it again.’ ‘Tastes like normal pasta – delicious with sauce!’  
Incognito Cakes  Cheeky little monkey cake mix
‘I like making it – I love the cake.’ ‘Very easy to make and tastes nice.’ ‘Yumyum!’ ‘Cooking was good for younger kids, tastes good but got stuck in the case.’ 
Smooze Mango fruit ice
‘Delicious .and my friends would never know it was dairy free.’ ‘Lovely – you can taste the fruit.’ ‘Lovely – just like lollies. You can taste flavour and lovely texture.’
Sweet Mandarin  Sweet chilli sauce
‘Good balance of sweet & spice, good with other foods maybe a little more spice but I like spice more than normal people.’ ‘I would eat it with my friends – I think it’s just right, and I’d have it with chips.’ ‘Delicious.’              
Moo Free Mini moo minty moo
‘Really yumm.’ ‘Good – my friends would eat it. Amazing.’ ‘Very nice minty taste.’
Young’s Seafood Ltd ‘The Ultimate’ 100% Alaskan pollock fillet fish finger
‘Lovely – just like the real thing!’ ‘Fish is nicer than in an ordinary fish finger but the coating is a little bit chewy.’ ‘Nice and crispy.’    
11.Foods for Christmas  - Sponsored by Hale & Hearty

D&D Chocolates Dairy free chocolate minty snowmen
Utterly delicious. I love mint and chocolate anyway so am biased but mint is not overpowering – lovely sweet fondant.’ ‘Deliciously indulgent and gooey.’ ‘Too sweet for me but nicely minty. Ticks all the allergen boxes too which is great.’ ‘Lovely, but why wrap them?’ 
Highly Commended:
Voakes Free From Special Pie
Very pleasant flavours – crisp pastry with a moist texture. The flavour of the pork & chicken mix well together All in all a delicious pie.’ ‘Like the variation of layers and the texture of the pastry.’ ‘Unusual – interesting – tasty.’ 
 Sainsbury Freefrom Advent calendar
‘Just right for a calendar sweet.’ ‘Pleasant milk chocolate texture – and no after taste!’ ‘Very sweet and quite coconutty but pleasant.’
12. Scones, sweet biscuits, tarts and cookies - Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles

Nairn’s Gluten free biscuit breaks: oats & fruit
Best gluten free approximation of a digestive type biscuit. Nicely crunchy, not too sweet but lots of flavour. Lovely.’ ‘Effectively dairy, egg and nut free too – and in little individual packs – perfect for lunch boxes and snacks.’
Highly Commended:
DS-gluten free Bourbon biscuits
‘Really nice crunch, good and chocolatey – great approximation of the real thing.’ ‘Excellent that it is gluten, egg and nut free – but why not dairy free? The non g-f version is!!’ ‘Really good looking biscuit.’
Asda Free-from Belgian chocolate Rocky Road
‘Good crunch, nice chocolately flavour. Brilliant that it is gluten egg, dairy and nut free – if only they used sunflower lecithin it would also be soya free. And why the beef gelatin? Rules it out for vegetarians.’ ‘Good dairy-free option for birthday parties.’
13. Cakes, cake bars, cupcakes and brownies –   Sponsored by Newburn Bakehouse

Melsie Jane Bakes Mini lemon drizzle loaf
‘Perfect texture. Perfect lemon flavour, not too sweet, nice simple ingredients.’ ‘Lovely zesty lemon sponge. Great – and great ingredients.’ ‘Very good but shame it is not also not dairy free.’ 
Highly Commended:
The Handmade Cake Company Chocolate brownie
‘One of the nicest brownies I have tasted. Chocolate flavour is perfect and no aftertaste.’ ‘Attractive – actually looks more like a biscuit. Good dark chocolate flavour and not too sweet.’        
The Handmade Cake Company Raspberry & almond slice
Really nice light crunch. Almond and jam combine well in the base.’ ‘Pleasant almond and raspberry – lovely texture.’ ‘Raspberry just right – great product.’ 
Morrisons Free from raspberry macaroon slices
‘Very attractive. Lovely crumble base and topping. The jam is not too sweet but contrasts nicely sharp with the base.’ ‘Excellent that it is wheat, gluten and dairy free.’
14. NEW! After dinner foods – Sponsored by Udi's 
Bessant & Drury Raspberry swirl frozen coconut yogurt
‘Exciting new take on coconut and on frozen yogurt!’ ‘Very visible swirls of  strong raspberry flavour in a great ice cream base.’ ‘This is great ‘love it’, convincingly yogurt ice cream.’  ‘Smooth and tummy – and oh so freefrom!’ 
Pudology  Banoffee pud
‘You can really taste the banana flavours – exquisite wonderful consistency and taste.’ ‘Three clear layers, good squidgy banana centre – a well constructed dessert.’ ‘Lovely that it is gluten, dairy, egg and nut free.’ ‘Not an easy dessert to make but these flavours work very well together.’
Highly commended:
Booja-Booja Almond caramel chocolate truffles
‘Chewy Toblerone texture with a luxurious quality flavour. Secondary burst of caramel from chewy pieces.’ ‘Lovely clean ingredients list.’ ‘Delicious crisp exterior, smooth dark rich inside, slight crunch from almonds and nicely chewy.’  
Christine’s Puddings Sticky toffee pudding
‘Scrumptious – delicious flavour – and a bonus it is gluten and dairy free.’ ‘Wow! Delicious, light, soft, moist, sweet but not sickly.’ ‘Delicious, light and sweet but could take a hint more sauce.’     
Okobay Coconut water and pineapple ice
‘Pleasant, sweet fruity-fresh palate cleanser – lovely taste.’ ‘Would work well as a sorbet.’ ‘Wonderfully freefrom.’ ‘Delicate pink – strongish coconut flavoured followed by pineapple – interesting.’ 
Pudology Chocolate orange pud
‘What a lovely orange flavour bursting onto your taste buds – fabulous mix and the coconut milk works really well. And everything free!’  ‘The orange flavour really comes through and combines beautifully with the rich chocolate flavour – delicious.’ 
Rude Health Corn thins
‘Look like a work of art – golden & speckled. Tastes nice and richly corn-fashioned.’ ‘Great texture, no unpleasant after taste – just like a non-free from product – in a good way!’ ‘Lovely corn flavour and snap – just the right thickness.’ 
St Helen’s Farm  Goat’s milk vanilla ice cream
‘Very good – rich in vanilla with a delicious hint of graininess.’ ‘Would never have known this was goat’s milk – lovely flavour.’ 
Wellaby’s Hummus chips Kalamata olive
‘Attractive golden putty pillows with salt granules on the outside. Look really tasty and actually do taste of hummus and olives!’ ‘Interesting concept – nice crunchy subtle flavour.’ ‘Tasty but a little too sweet – and why the dairy?...’ 
Booja-Booja Hunky Punky chocolate ice cream alternative
‘Lovely texture – rich and smooth and not too sweet although maybe a slightly stronger chocolate flavour?’ ‘Delicious – can’t believe this is made from just cashew nuts – pure, simple and excellent.’  
Celtic Chocolates Choices rondellos (dairy-free white chocolate)
‘Pleasant texture, useful as buttons and very useful as a baking ingredient.’ ‘Very sweet but melt well and great that they are dairy and gluten free.’ 
Eskal Noble Choice dairy free chocolate with raspberries
‘Nice subtle raspberry taste with dark chocolate.’ ‘Chocolate not amazing but great to have the raspberry option.’ 
Food Heaven Smooth chocolate mousse
‘Enjoyable and smooth (as promised).’ ‘Nice moussey texture and taste – and excellent that it is gluten, dairy and egg free.’
Nairn’s Gluten free wholegrain cracker
‘Looks like a regular wholemeal/wholegrain cracker – would be a good vehicle for a topping and great if you want something very plain.’ ‘Appetising and crunchy texture.’ 
Semper Rosemary & salt crispbread
‘Rosemary flavoured Ryvita? Lovely Rosemary flavoured crunchy crisp bread.’ ‘A great base for cheese  – tangy and crisp.’ ‘Really interesting idea.’  
15. Gluten-free beers – Sponsored by Ilumi

Green’s India Pale Ale
‘Well balanced English IPA.’ ‘Strong ale smell, real old fashioned strong sweet flavour like a Blue Moon.’ ‘Tastes more than 4% – good well hopped flavour.’ ‘Great hop aroma, bitter and fruity flavour.’ ‘I would certainly drink this in a pub.’ ‘Amazing for a non-barley beer.’ 
Highly Commended:
‘Nice, clean malty smell. Easy drinking and well balanced.’ ‘Good light golden lager. Great feeling on tongue – quite sweet, almost artificial taste – like beer you get at football.’ ‘Light and fizzy – nice taste American tasting lager.’ 
Estrella Daura Damm
‘Lovely taste & colour. Light fizz – great smell taste – a proper Italian pilsner.’  ‘Very refreshing and easy to drink.’
Green’s Premium Pilsner
‘Really light colour, good head, good bubbles. Light sauvignon blanc colour but smells very beery.’ ‘Nice fresh, refreshing proper lager taste.’ 
‘Sweet at first, far more bitter after taste. Beautiful golden colour.
Refreshing.’ ‘Not quite like normal beer but refreshing. Very drinkable and not too strong.’ ‘Amazing smell – nice bitter refreshing lager. Could manage this on a summer night – beerlicious!’

The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live

Joint Winners:
Venice Bakery large seasoned gluten-free vegan pizza base
‘Fabulous pizza base – excellent freefrom properties – very innovative.’ ‘Great product for multi-sensitives.’ ‘Good crisp crust and great flavour because it is thin – if a little sweet.’ 
Highly Commended:
Celtic Chocolates Choices rondellos
‘Very clever product – extremely useful for dairy-free bakers and dairy-free folk in general.’ ‘Melted well, very smooth, performed well.’ 
Newburn Bakehouse Seeded wraps
‘A good wrap and innovative in that it has managed to be both gluten and dairy-free’. ‘Texture holds up better than many non-gf wraps and seeds add interest and nutritional value – good product.’
Udi’s Cinnamon & raisin bagel
‘First successful sweet bagel I have come across – slightly sandy but very tasty toasted for breakfast.’