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ps. ask all guests if they have an allergy (because the recipes use some unusual combinations and they may not expect to find citrus and soya in the chocolate cake, for example).
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Even Gwyneth goes vegan

It's not often you hear about vegan celebs but a friend of mine passed on this article from the Daily Mail about Gwyneth and her new book, It's All Good (written by Gwyneth and Julia Turshen). Gwyneth went on a strict elimination diet after suffering a health scare. It required her to eat a diet with no coffee, no alcohol, no dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no shellfish, no deepwater fish, no potatoes, no tomatoes, no bell peppers, no aubergines, no corn, no wheat, no meat, no soya, nothing processed at allideally for ever. Anyhow, she teamed up with a friend to create a book of recipes that would suit such a lifestyle, many of which are vegan
 It's All Good is an impressive book - the photos look terrific (so important these days for moments of gastro-longing) and there are some great recipes. I'm particularly jealous of 'many-mushroom soup'... somehow the alliteration really appeals to the writer in me! However, those needing to avoid gluten should beware because many of the ingredients (such as miso paste and fish sauce) are not gluten-free as standard. In addition, even though Gwyneth specifies no soya, she does actually use tofu and soy sauce (and technically, she also uses wheat in the form of spelt...)!
But I leave the final verdict to you. Here's the link - check out the story and take a look at the recipes! 

And I like this one... spicy sweet potato soup that is both vegan and gluten-free.